Tuesday, October 21, 2008


A part time worker was sentenced to death by hanging after he was found guilty of trafficking 1.248kg cannabis. The drugs were found in the back pockets of the trousers he was wearing. Such crime is definitely cannot be let go easily since the effects towards the society is unforgivable. Not just the family constitution is damaged, but the nation social and economic status would also be greatly affected.

club attack

3 members of a martial arts group were arrested in connection with an attack on a nightclub. The 20s men were believed among 50 who attacked the club. The group barged into the packed Qba and raised a ruckus. They threw glasses, bottles and chairs and smashed everything that they could. They had earlier gone to the nightclub for drinks but had refused to pay. They went back to their leader and complained about the matter before more members joined them and returned to the club.

severed hand re-attached

University Sains Malaysia Hospital had successfully e-attached the severed right hand of a student in a 16-hour surgery. The boy is now being treated at the intensive care unit (ICU) and reported to be in stable condition. He has opened his eyes and can also move the fingers. His hand was severed after he was attacked and slashed by 2 assailants known to him at midnight. He managed to escape the assailants on a motorcycle and reached home with the severed right hand in a compartment.

multiple charges...

Not only charged with the murder of his brother, a man was also charged with stealing a bag, which contained, among others, a Steyr M9 pistol, belonging to a policeman, which has been used to shoot his brother. The other items include 10 rounds of ammunition, a handphone and RM2500. He also faces an alternative charge with possessing and keeping stolen items at his house. He however pleaded not guilty to the offences.

500-year old Quran on display

The oldest handwritten and decorated holy book in southeast asia will be displayed for the first time at the sultan alam shah museum in shah alam. A 1000-year old keris from central java called ‘keris utama prabu demak’ and a Thomas Edison polyphone radio, said to be 119-years old will also be on display. Not only that, the oldest floral silk fabric called ‘cindai’ and a 129-year old sewing machine will also be auctioned. There is about 400 items to be auctioned, from the total of 500 items being displayed.

1272 reptiles are saved

the reptiles were seized after a portable container cabin in a jungle was raided based on a tip-off from the public. 1244 iguanas, 17 monitor lizards and 11 pythons were stored in 72 plastic bags and 20 wooden boxes. The animals were later handed over to the State Department of Wildlife Protection and National Parks for action to be taken on the offenders under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. However, no arrests were made as there was nobody inside the cabin during the raid. Police believed the animals were destined to be smuggled out of the country.

explain us...

University students are now probably included with a new co-curriculum of social contract. This is important as explanation with proper methods and linking it with the country’s history would avoid confusion. In conjuction to the issue, university lecturers should play a crucial role in giving the explanation since an effective explanation would help a student to understand the concept of democracy and the constitution when he mix around with the community.